Manuel Cusó-Ferrer

Manuel Cussó-Ferrer, The Last Frontier (1991).

A pioneering feature film presenting information and documentation about the death of Walter Benjamin. Shot for the most part in Portbou, directed by Manuel Cussó-Ferrer, with a script by Pilar Parcerisas and the director, and produced by Kronos Plays & Films, S.A., the film was included in the Forum section of the 1992 Berlin Festival on the centenary of the philosopher’s birth and was shown in over thirty festivals and cities around the world. The film unravels some of the mysteries about the route by which Benjamin crossed the border and delineates the circumstances of his death. With music by Manel Camp and with Quim Lecina as Benjamin, the film presents a fragmented discourse, in the Benjaminian manner. It also includes documentary sequences such as an interview with Jean Selz, the French art critic who knew Benjamin in Ibiza in the 1930s, and the off-camera voice of the photographer Gisèle Freund. The Last Frontier can be seen in the archive of the Filmoteca de Catalunya. The props used in the making of the film formed part of the exhibition Walter Benjamin’s Last Frontier, held in Portbou in September 1998.

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