Francesc Abad

Francesc Abad (Terrassa, 1944) is one of the artists who has done most to explore in visual terms the life, death and thought of Walter Benjamin. A pioneer of conceptual art in Catalonia in the 1970s, with a considerable international reputation, he has established a close affinity with the discursive form of Benjamin’s thought and with its major themes. The transversal or the idea of unfinished structure, the open process and the fragment offer ways of thinking the individual and the collective memory, the fragility of the twentieth century, the word and its limits, supposed progress and history. This truly Benjaminian trajectory (a trajectory of trajectories) was summarized in the exhibition BLOCK W.B., presented at the Museu de Granollers in 2006, and in Block W.B. The Idea of a Thought that Creates Images at the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin in 2008. In the latter show 18 monitors (one for each of Walter Benjamin’s 18 Theses on the Philosophy of History) were set up on a long table in the form of a spiral (a universal symbol of the labyrinth). On each screen Francesc Abad developed his visual reflections on concepts such as art, the subject, death, exile, pain and others.Block W.B. includes the series of works on Benjamin produced during the last few years: installations, documentation, images, sketches, artist's books and so on: a multifaceted, unfinished archive, an authentic work in progress on this beacon of twentieth-century thought.


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