Walter Benjamin’s time in the town of Portbou, at the northern end of the Costa Brava, on the border between Catalonia and France, amounted to a little more than 12 hours. His memory, however, endures to this day.

The German Jewish thinker (Berlin, 1892), who on 26 September 1940 crossed the French-Spanish border in his attempt to escape the Nazis, in the hope of making his way to Portugal and a ship for America, died in this small town on the Catalan coast, and although the facts of his death were suppressed by the Franco regime for decades, since the restoration of democracy the truth has been recovered and dignified.

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Computerized Cross-border Route
Download the route to your GPS

The route across the border that Walter Benjamin took from Banyuls in France to Portbou has been computerized.
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Benjamin Capsules
Benjamin Capsules proposes a series of heterogeneous promenades around the life and work of Walter Benjamin.
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Comprehensive Clean-up of the Dani Karavan Memorial
The glass in the Memorial by Dani Karavan at the entrance to the cemetery in Portbou has been replaced and all of the graffiti removed.
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New Consortium Memorial Museum and Space Exile Memorial Walter Benjamin
It was decided last November to amend the statutes of the consortium in charge of the Exile Memorial Museum to include the Walter Benjamin Memorial Space in Portbou, further consolidating its status.
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