Benjamin Capsules proposes a series of heterogeneous promenades around the life and work of Walter Benjamin. In the true Benjaminian manner, it is articulated as a multiple system of quotations on the Internet, comprising shared files with different Walter Benjamin centres around the world, audio-visual pieces by film-makers and artists, installations by visual artists, sound recordings and other creative proposals conceptually linked to Walter Benjamin and Portbou. The Capsules programme will be further expanded as occasion arises.

A mosaic of audio-visual quotes with Walter Benjamin and his stay in Portbou as their central axis. A number of these feature films, documentaries, artist’s videos and other visual works have been produced as Benjamin Capsules.

Many visual artists have been and continue to be fascinated and inspired by the life and work of Walter Benjamin and his death in Portbou. These Capsules are composed of the artists’ specific visual, text and sound documents.

This system of archives and shared information is like a Benjamin promenade on the Internet, comprising manuscripts, photographs and documents made available by different centres actively involved in conserving and disseminating the thought of Walter Benjamin at the international level.